Hi! My name is Aiden, and I am a 26 year old transgender man based out of Kansas City, MO. I started The Noun Lounge back in 2021 with a friend of mine with the vision to spread light on the LGBTQ+ Community in a discreet way. We weren't really fans of the basic rainbow pride shirts, and wanted to do something new and stylish for anyone and everyone, so we came up with The Noun Lounge! Over the course of the first two years, it was a lot of trial and error; we rebuilt the website, we lost money, we couldn't get approved for a loan, it turned into a single ownership company, and even today I'm still growing and learning. 

The core values of the brand are: Valid, Visible, and Valiant. Those are the three lines we carry, and the things we live by. We do not care if you are gay, straight, black, white, an addict, etc.  YOUR STORY IS VALID, WE SEE YOU - YOU ARE VISIBLE - AND YOU ARE SO VALIANT/COURAGEOUS FOR BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. 

We are so happy to have you here! Remember to live your life freely, unapologitically, and undisturbed. Welcome to The Noun Lounge.